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Disrupting Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

The healthcare industry is evolving with the exponential increase in the exploration of artificial intelligence (AI). There’s a lot that’s driving demand for AI in healthcare, from the explosion of data and cognitive overload to never-ending documentation and even physician burnout. These implications go far beyond technology, points out the Everest Group, with the majority of AI decisions impacting everything from customer experience to cost to business processes.

customer service

Are you trying to sign your customer service issues away?

A few years ago I went to my primary care office for my annual check-up. When I walked into the waiting room there was a sign on the wall that read “If you haven’t been helped within 15 minutes, please check back with the front desk.” Overall the office had always been very efficient and helpful, and I rarely waited for more than a few minutes, so I certainly don’t have any complaints.


Making “big”, SMALL

How do you make big, small when dealing with complex issues which may seem overwhelming and never achievable? As easy as it sounds, it is a major challenge to execute and ensure you are following a plan every day…making big into small. Essentially not “boiling the ocean” as the saying goes.

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Fun at Work?

I’ve heard the comments…”there should be no fun in the workplace” and “they call it job for a reason.” However, since many of us spend 30%+ of our time at work and another 20-30% of our time sleeping, it is good to find those fun times at work…What’s going on in your workplace to make it more enjoyable for you and your colleagues?